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Bringing horses and humans together to improve joy,

happiness, healing, and success.


Our Philosophy


Horses are masters of energy detection and teach us to become more self-aware and heal challenges in our lives such as relationships, emotions, behaviors, fears and communication problems. Through their eyes and reaction, we can see our own self in them.

Once we learn to identify different energies, we can shift and change our own. This results in our ability to transform our challenges and better leverage our strengths.

The translation between the lessons presented to training, relationships, and everyday life by examining our internal self and how we relate to the world is transforming.

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"Had an amazing time at the healing clinic. I learned so much from Lori. She will teach you from energy management to equine handling to life lessons. This internship has opened my eyes to a new world and new windows for opportunity. Recommended!"

~ Nikra ~


"I really learned how to set some boundaries in my relationships and I just wanted to let you know that this is all because of the horse therapy we did and talking to you about being an empath and you helping and Romancé helping me. You really did wonders for my emotional state and my mindset and helping me lift it out of my depression."

~ Julia ~


"You combine your love of God and his creation with, your love of horses. Most "horse people" or so called horse experts or horse trainers are almost robotic in their approach to horses and seem to not experience the joy of connecting with them on a divine level. You have the unique power to transform the experiences of people and animals. This transformation takes us from a state of fear or chaos, into clarity and calm."

~ Wren ~