Lori Krenzien

Master Trainer & Healing Practitioner


From the age of 3, Lori has been obsessed with horses. By the age 5, she was in her first horse show with a Shetland pony by the name of "Princess"; That became the beginning of her quest to learn as much as she could about horses and the powerful connection that bonded the horse and human.


As a youth, Lori attended horse shows every weekend and participated with her horses in every event possible. For 7 years, she trained and showed on a competitive level under the direction of Holly Hover. During her very successful competitive career, she traveled around the nation to compete at AQHA shows including AJQHA World Finals. Holly was an amazing trainer, teacher, mentor, and judge who still has a strong presence in the Quarter horse industry today.


In 1984, Lori graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelors in Agricultural Sciences and a concentration in Equine Sciences. In her time at CSU, Lori went through the intensive riding and training programs and received her Riding Instructor Training Certification under the direction of Cherry Hill, Diane Solomon, and Lori Holsher. During her training at CSU was she was blessed to work with such great trainers and instructors.


After college, Lori moved to Illinois and began her professional teaching and training career and founded Treetop Equestrian Farms LLC, which she was the successful owner and head trainer/instructor of for 20 years. In her time in Illinois, she began riding under the direction of Jill McCrae; during her time with Jill, she was introduced to French classical dressage Mestre Dominique Barbier. She cliniced and lessoned regularly with Dominique in the tradition of French classical dressage. Dominique shared his incredible knowledge that he learned from Mestre Nuno Oliviera about the classical philosophy; the philosophy of lightness and harmony achieved through the foundation of groundwork and respect. The in-hand and groundwork in the classical tradition develops a solid connection between horse and human that promotes trust with compassion, lightness, and understanding that ultimately transfers into the saddle. She continues to focus on and apply the classical philosophy in her training and instruction today.


Through her career as a professional horsewoman, she met the great liberty trainer Laura Amandis. After meeting her and witnessing the incredible connection she made with her horses and her ability to connect with any horse she came into contact with, Lori began to study and work with her regularly. Liberty work is a partnership where the horse is halterless and given the choice to either stay with you and participate or not; the horse makes the decision to either become a dance partner or ignore the request. The partnership teaches so much about ourselves because horses don't lie, do not have an ego, and are pure love. This connection was life changing for Lori, her horses, and her clients. At this point, she knew she needed to share this with the world and turn the knowledge she learned into a healing modality for others who wanted the benefits of a healing connection with horses.

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