About AWE


We are equine healing practitioners and classical riding instructors and trainers. Our clients are looking for ways to improve their lives and/or riding performances by deepening the human to horse connection. We do this with proven healing approaches by tapping into the horse's energy, which mimics ours, and shows us how to live in our essential selves. Horses are masters of energy detection and teach us to become more self-aware and heal challenges in our lives such as relationships, emotions, behaviors, fears and communication problems. Through their eyes and reaction, we can see our own self in them. Once we learn to identify different energies, we can shift and change our own. This results in our ability to transform our challenges and better leverage our strengths. Our clients are amazed at how a very simple task with your horse becomes a metaphor for how you interact with the world in general. Inquire today to find out how you can transform your life at the AWE Center.

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